こんにちは! 今日のブログでは、プリズムプラスの社員が使っている個人のマグカップを紹介しようと思います。 「マイカップ」と日本では呼んでいます。 このカップは、私個人のものです。
Hi! In today's blog I would like to present to you the variety of personal coffee mugs that prismplus employees use, or 'My cup' as we like to call it in Japan. This cup here is my personal one.

カップの絵は、アニメシリーズ‘化物語’から、私の大好きなアーティストHajime Ueda(ウエダ ハジメ)さんによって描かれています。
The cup's artwork is from the anime series, Bakemonogatari and the is drawn by one of my favourite artist, Hajime Ueda-san. 私のプロジェクトマネージャー社員01は、断熱性ステインレススチールマグを使っています。中の飲み物の温度を保つことができます。
My project manager Employee 01 uses a insulated stainless steel mug. It is capable of keeping the temperature of the drinks that it contains.
Our lovely Employee 02 loves cats and she keeps two personal mugs that both has cat pictures on them. The yellow cup is a souvenir from France. 社員03は、とてもモダンで上品なサーマルボトルを使っています。彼はたまたまこのボトルに出会って、オフィスで使うために購入したそうです。
Employee 03 has a very modern and classy thermal bottle. He happened to come across it one day and decided to buy it to use at in the office.
Up next we have a heavy duty mug from Employee 04. This was a present from another employee and even though he rarely uses it, he keeps it displayed on his table.
Employee 05 uses her husband's cup. A regular yellow cup that they both share and use. How は、beautiful.

社員06のは、ガンダムカフェから人気のガンダムRX-O、ブルーのガンダムのマグです。ガンダムの大ファンである私も、とてもかっこいいと思います。4年も使っているそ うです。
From Employee 06 is a blue Gundam mug that he got originally from the Gundam cafe and features the popular Gundam RX-0. As a big fan of Gundam as well I think it looks really cool.This mug has been with him for almost 4 years. 最後に、オフィス内で一番人気のカップ、紙コップです。ほとんどの社員が選んでいますので、ここにプリズムプラスのカップ大賞を授与します。
Finally, the most popular cup in the whole office, the paper cup. This is chosen by most of the employees and has been given the cup of the year award here at Prismplus.