“Creating a team that can compete with the world” 

President: Akifumi Yatani

Hello, my name is Akifumi Yatani, and I am the president of Prism+.

Prism+ tackles everything from content planning to production. We strive to be a company that produces “content enjoyed around the world” by using well-polished technological skills and experienced planning abilities. We receive particularly great feedback for our quality in real-time 3DCG. We constantly pursue the highest-level output in each genre including video, games, VR, etc.

In addition, we always think from the viewpoint of the people who create and value a bottom-up way of thinking. As is our management philosophy, we strive to be “the company that provides the most comfortable environment for creators.” We improve this environment so that creators can work easily. We do not hesitate to invest in a “team that seeks the highest quality.” We are looking for individuals to grow with us. Age, gender, and nationality are irrelevant.

The name of our company, Prism+ has two meanings: “to give the world the ultimate content that reflects like a prism, regardless of culture” and “to create content that is like a prism (rainbow) inside the heart.”

At Prism+, we continuously seek to take what we have and make it more fun and more beautiful; we would like to make the best content with the best creators. Please expect great things from Prism+ in the future.

Previously worked at Sammy Corporation. Established Prism+ for foreign content and video production using his experience as a former designer director. He is a Licensed Scrum Master and often receives projects from other production companies to systematize and support their production teams. In January 2016, he gave a lecture at the University of Tokyo for the 3D digital genre as the digital department representative.