Do you want to join a team that is going to succeed in the world?

Here at Prismplus, we are a company that is passionate in creating VR,
computer games and animation from the planning to the final stage.
Our goal is to create visual content that would influence the world.
We have a fun and enthusiastic team, which work cooperatively, sharing skills and ideas.
Join us to create and change the world together!

<We had our CEO interviewed in SELECK as Prismplus was introduced.→ link
<We have been mentioned in CGWORLD about VR related article.→ link
<We opened [Prism Lab] as an event space and employee cafeteria.>→ link

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*Apply through the CGWORLD website.


Positions available
  • ○3D modeler
  • ○3D motion designer(animator)
  • ○3D director
  • ○2D designer
  • ○Director
  • ○Producer
  • ○Engineer / programmer
Job description
○3D modeler
Modeling for the computer games and smartphone games; character modeling and background modeling.
If you excel in certain area, we would value your expertise.
※Character modeler is highly demanded.
○3D motion designer
Real time motion creation
○3D director
Management of the designers and in charge of the production schedules.
Oversee the schedule and be in charge of the overall 3D production process.
○2D designer
Illustrations, backgrounds and character drawings.
To create images with 3D designers.
Function as project manager and contact for the client projects.
Project planning for games, animation and other visual contents.
Also function as client service for project planning and sales.
Depending on the project, may be required to manage an entire project.
○Engineer / programmer
Game application development.
Depending on the project, it can be other types of visual contents that is to be developed.
○3D modeler
2 years or more modeling experience with MAYA or MAX, regardless of low poly or high poly.
(console games, smartphone applications, amusement machines, or TV animations.)
○3D motion designer
2 years or more motion creation experience with MAYA or MAX
(console games, smartphone applications, amusement machines, or TV animations.)
○3D director
Directing experiences for 3 years or more with the following visual contents: computer games, smartphone games, amusement machines.
○2D designer
Illustration ability, designing of UI and logos.
Experience in managing projects with the following visual contents: console games, smartphone games, amusement machines.
2 years or more experience of working with game production or animation creation as a producer.
Skills required include project planning, drafting, budgeting and client negotiations.
○Engineer / programmer
One year or more experiences of Unity/Unreal Engine, etc.
C++/C#/Java 2 year
Python/Perl/Ruby knowledge is desirable.
Type of employment contracts
  • Full Time employee
  • Associate employee (every three month renewal)
  • Part time employee
Business address
YS Building 7 Floor,
2-2-2 Honcho Nakano-ku,
Tokyo Japan 164-0012
地図データ ©2016 ZENRIN
地図データ地図データ ©2016 ZENRIN
地図データ ©2016 ZENRIN
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line [Nakano-Sakaue] 7minutes by foot

250000 to 450000 yen

  • ●Varies depending on ability and experiences
  • ●Working hours: From 10:00 to 19:00 (lunch break: one hour)
  • ●Medical examination
  • ●Free Coffee
  • ●Free Lunch meal
  • ●Transportation expenses supplied
  • ●Raise in salary: Once a year (by ability)
  • ●Bonus: Based on achievements
  • ●Benefits (health insurance, welfare annuity, unemployment insurance)
  • ●Housing allowance (up to 15,000 yen supply)

We strive to be Japan's most enjoyable company for creators!
Social insurance is provided for fulltime employee and associate employee.

Positions available
○3D modeler
5 person
○Motion designer
1-2 person
○3D director
1-2 person
○2D designer
2-3 person
1-2 person
○Engineer / programmers
2-3 person
Holidays and vacation
  • ◆Two days off per week (Saturday and Sunday)
  • ◆National Holidays
  • ◆End of year and New Year vacations
  • ◆Summer holidays
  • ◆paid leave (10days given after a half year)

*Apply through the CGWORLD website.